EU Project Gathered AMCU, Business and Public Procurement Experts for Open Discussion

On 7 July 2017, the Project organised its Second Public Procurement stakeholder awareness-raising Roundtable for Anti-Monopoly Committee, business representatives and public procurement experts.

The purpose of the event was to discuss the main aspects of the AMCU role in the procurement sphere – complaints review, the detection of collusive bids, as well as to facilitate an open and free discussion of different aspects of MEDT policy making and regulatory activity with the business community and with public procurement professionals.

The series of Roundtables was designed by the Project to bring together a range of positions and interests with a view to resolving key issues and promoting a better common understanding of the different roles and perspectives of distinct stakeholder groups in the public procurement system.

Nina Sidorenko, Deputy Head of the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine, State Commissioner, greeted the participants and thanked the Project for the opportunity to share their thoughts and experience during an open discussion. Ms. Sidorenko presented the current state of complaints review in public procurement, including statistics, achievements and difficulties. According to Nina Sidorenko, the problematic issues in public procurement are the abuse of the right of the complainant, the lack of a statutory liability of the customer for failure to comply with the decisions of the appeal body, the imperfection of the electronic procurement system, etc. Among the achievements is, first of all, the low level of decisions abolished by the court.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, the EU Project Team Leader, co-chaired the eventand expressed his hope for an open and honest discussion. Dr Stuart said: “In the last three years we have witnessed progressive changes in making the system tighter and more efficient and in line with the EU standards. The development of e-procurement was spectacular and rapid. For this year, the Road-Map sets as a priority the development of the new harmonised legislation, support of the Centralised Procurement Body initiative and on the overall agenda of professionalisation in public procurement system in Ukraine. In this regard, the Project has launched dedicated online courses for procuring entities, business and for civil activists and developed a training of trainers programme in cooperation with the Kyiv School of Economics to support substantial and long-term education in public procurement. Yet, several substantial changes in complaints review shall be made, including award evaluation criteria and simplification of complaints review procedure. Therefore, the purpose of today roundtable is to review the role of AMCU in the area of complaints review in public procurement and the progress made in identifying bid-rigging and to identify the areas where practice can be further improved.”

The first Roundtable was held on 21 March 2017 between the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, representatives of business community and procurement professionals, where the parties discussed openly the different aspects of the Ministry’s policy-making and regulatory activity concerning public procurement.