Project’s Steering Committee Convened 6th Meeting

On 2 February 2017 the Project’s Steering Committee assembled to review the position since the start of the Project in November 2013 and developments in the period July to end-December 2016, as well as to look ahead the one-year Project extension which took effect on 7 November 2016.

Mr. Olexandr Starodubtsev, Head of the Public Procurement Regulation Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, chaired the meeting and in his opening remarks thanked the Project for all the support provided and credited the Project extension. Ms. Juana Mera Cabello, First Counsellor, EU Delegation to Ukraine, and Mrs. Christine Jackson, Project Director, Crown Agents LTD (UK), made their opening remarks, recognising that the July to December 2016 period was a further productive phase of Project work and that that the Project continues to progress well in all fields and has operated effectively.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, Project Leader, reviewed the main Project’s accomplishments with regards to public procurement reform and State aid system development in Ukraine. He concluded that during the reporting period the Project completed all of its planned work – notably the launch of the Centralised Procurement Body Pilot initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade/ the “Professional Procurement” Agency; the updating of Gap Analysis of the Public Procurement Law vis-à-vis the EU Public Procurement Directives; renewing of Commentary on the Public Procurement Law; the updating of the on-line training course for procuring entities and the development of first in a series of public procurement Guidelines envisaged by Project extension planning. Moreover, in December 2016 the Project organised the Third Annual Conference “PUBLIC PROCUREMENT REFORM IN UKRAINE – RECENT DEVELOPMENTS AND NEW OBSTACLES AND CHALLENGES”. Important work in the reporting period also included the publication and the commencement of distribution of 1,000 copies of three State aid guidance books for the Ukrainian authorities (State aid Law and Policy, the State Aid Casebook and the Glossary of State Aid Terms).

Mrs. Liliya Lakhtionova, Deputy Head of the Public Procurement Regulation Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, expressed gratitude to the EU Delegation to Ukraine for their support and to the Project team for the effective cooperation. Mrs. Lakhtionova, in particular, emphasized the work carried out to launch a pilot project on the establishment of a Centralised Procurement Body: “Centralised procurement would facilitate the shift to professional public procurement function in Ukraine, as envisaged by the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/Road-Map (2016-2022)”. Mrs. Lakhtionova also mentioned that work commenced in the reporting period in regard to the development of new on-line training modules for the business community and the NGOs and the design of a special training-of-trainers programme (combining procurement topics and teaching methodology). All of which would promote the public procurement system professionalisation, which is a specific priority at present.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Anti-Monopoly Committee, Ministry of Finance and the EU Delegation to Ukraine.