Ministry of Economy and Project Held Major Discussion on the Public Procurement Reform in Ukraine

On 2 December 2016, the Project and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade held a Third International Public Procurement Conference in Ukraine. The theme of the Conference was: “Public Procurement Reform in Ukraine – recent developments, new obstacles and challenges”.

First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Mr Maxim Nefyodov, told the Conference that: “2016 has been a very important year for the public procurement system in Ukraine. A Public Procurement Reform Strategy (2016-2022) was finalised with the cooperation of all major stakeholders and adopted, by the Government. It includes a Road Map for approximation with EU rules and best practices on public procurement, as required by the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. Also, a new Public Procurement Law came into force which radically reforms previous procurement practice via its e-procurement innovations. However, there are still many tasks and challenges ahead in the implementation of the public procurement reform. To succeed in this, the State, the business community and civil society need to continue their joint and constructive efforts”.


Mrs Juana Mera Cabello, Head of Section “Economic Cooperation, Social and Regional Development”at the EU Delegation to Ukraine, said: “I am very pleased that the EU funded Project: “Harmonisation of Public Procurement System in Ukraine with EU Standards”, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, has provided this opportunity today to bring together key stakeholders and international experts to look closely at recent progress in addressing the problems of public procurement in Ukraine. This is well-timed as, for the first time, Ukraine now has a coherent strategy for reform in line with EU standards. And it is important that the approved strategic directions for public procurement reform in Ukraine fully recognise that a fair, credible, transparent and legitimate public procurement system matters for Ukraine to increase transparency and efficiency in public spending”.


Dr. Eugene Stuart, the EU Project Team Leader,said: “Previous conferences have contributed significantly to defining and prioritising necessary areas of public procurement reform in Ukraine. This year’s focus on latest developments and new issues and challenges allows the main stakeholders in public procurement reform to review the progress made in the last year, consider any necessary corrections and discuss the necessary next steps to further align the public procurement system in Ukraine with EU standards. While 2016 was an important year for these reforms, 2017 promises to be equally interesting with several new initiatives planned under the Public Procurement Reform Strategy (2016-2022) intended to further improve public confidence and efficiency in Ukrainian public procurement”.


The Third International Conference brought together 140 delegatesto discuss the latest developments, specific concerns and further steps in the implementation of the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/ Roadmap, including the regulation of procurement in the defence sector; the first operational results of Ukraine’s unique e-procurement system; pilot activities on the centralisation of public procurement; challenges in regard to below-threshold procurement and the issues of training and professionalisation in the system. Conference participants participated in discussions facilitated by speakers from a range of organisations including, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Defence, State Enterprise “Prozorro”, Transparency International Ukraine the EU Delegation to Ukraine and Project Experts.