Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Anti-Monopoly Committee and Ministry of Finance Approved Project’ Progress




On 6 July 2016 the Project’s Steering Committee assembled to review the position since the start of the Project in November 2013, developments in the period January to end-June 2016 and to look at the overall planning position of the Project for the remainder of its operating period and the current priorities of the Government and the main beneficiaries.

Ms. Tetiana Lisovska, Head of Division of the Public Procurement Regulation Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, chaired the meeting and in her opening speech thanked the Project for the support and beneficial cooperation inreforming Ukrainian public procurement system and establishment of an efficient system of state aid regulation in Ukraine. Ms. Juana Mera Cabello, First Counsellor,EU Delegation to Ukraine, and Mr. Noel Setters, Project Director, Crown Agents LTD (UK), made their opening remarks, positively assessing the work of the Project.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, Project Leader, presented the fifth report on the Project implementation and reviewed itsdevelopments as regards to public procurement reform and State aid system development in Ukraine. He concludedthat: “The vast majority of planned Project activities have been completed at this stage, with 36 distinct outputs delivered and some 17 specific events organised. Among the majoraccomplishments, Dr. Stuart highlighted adoption of the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/ Road Map earlier than the deadline (1 July 2016) established under the Association Agreement due to an active position of MEDT leadership and close cooperation with Project experts and development of an on-line training course “Public Procurement for All” for procurement practitioners across the country by the MEDT supported by the Project. During the reporting period the EU Project has also been actively involved in practical trainings organised in various regions to promote EU standards in e-procurement and to discuss novelties in the public procurement legislation.The MEDT also launched its new public procurement brochure (“Public Procurement in Ukraine: How Does it Work and Where is It Going?”), prepared with the assistance of the Project. In the field of State aid, the first International State Aid Conference “A New approach to State Aid to Undertakings in Ukraine – doing more with less”was organized by the Project and the AMCU and held on 27 May 2016. And in April 2016, the Project together with SGUA/TAIEX experts carried out the Second Programme of training on State aid issues for the AMCU and other interested stakeholders.

During the meeting, the beneficiaries were informed that the Project would continue its general involvement in the progress of the public finance management (PFM) strategy and its related Action Plan, together with any new matters that may arise regarding the nexus between PFM and public procurement and State aid issues, setting out recommendations for the introduction of quality assurance management in public procurement, support in specific new legislative issues as well as participation in working groups on different aspects of potential and initiated draft legislative amendments, further  initiatives with the MEDT on the Professionalisation of Public Procurement in Ukraine.

The meeting was also attended by representative of the Anti-Monopoly Committee, Ministry of Finance, and the EU Delegation to Ukraine.