Ministry of Economy Certified First Specialists in Public Procurement




Five procurement practitioners have successfully completed the electronic training on public procurement, which was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade with the support of the EU-funded Project to improve training possibilities and develop professionalisation in the public procurement system in Ukraine. The specialised online training “Public Procurement for All” was launched on 16 May 2016.

The new legal framework and technical aspects of the e-procurement solution in Ukraine require additional training for procurement practitioners across the country as all of them will have to apply the system by the end of 2016. The on-line training “Public Procurement for All” facilitates the learning of the fundamentals and practical implementation of public procurement practice, including the new Public Procurement Law and e- procurement instrument.

The course is free and open to all actual or potential procurement specialists, as well as to other system stakeholders, including media, civil society activists and general public. Ultimately, the target group for the course is about 100,000 officials who annually engage in public procurement processes and most of whom have never previously been offered specific public procurement skills training. Registration for the course has now exceeded 6,000.

The on-line course consists of nine training Modules for the Basic level and thirteen Modules for the Intermediate level of certification. 600 trainees have already passed the basic training level and are eligible to progress further.

The on-line Public procurement training is part of more complex activities aimed to improve training possibilities and develop professionalization in the public procurement field in Ukraine.