The Basics of Green Shopping


On 13 September, the Project presented a Draft Manual on green procurement to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and other interested Ministries and government organisations. The Manual is to assist and inform procuring entities and bidders in Ukraine; providing them with a guidance on the principles and polices of green procurement to ensure alignment of national legislation with EU rules.

The Draft Manual provides brief overviews of the EU environmental policies and of the developments in Ukrainian environmental legislation as well as an explanation of why the so called green public procurement has appeared as an important issue during recent years. By means of various examples from various types of contracts, the Draft Manual is illustrating how green criteria can be worked into the various phases of the procurement process.

Mr Steen Bruun-Nielsen, the Project Expert who presented the Draft Manual, told the Workshop that: “Using environmental standards in public procurement can lead to medium-term cost savings and better quality goods, services and works in many cases. Ukraine already has general legal rules on green procurement. However, these will need to be elaborated further, providing additional scope for the wider use of green approaches in the future”.