Public Procurement Reform Challenges Discussed with Business in Odessa Region

On 3 June, the EU funded Project and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) together with the Association of Entrepreneurs and Suppliers for Public Needs organised a Seminar on business issues in regard to the public procurement system in Odessa.

The Seminar focused on recent developments in public procurement system and the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/Road-Map adopted by Government in February 2016. More specifically, the Seminar was used as a platform for discussion on the promotion of greater business involvement in public procurement. To facilitate the discussion the EU Project presented its Report on improving small and medium business participation in Ukrainian public procurement, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade spoke about benefits of the new public procurement system for business and government. The seminar participants agreed that equal and competitive conditions should be created for business to engage into public procurement.

Dr Eugene Stuart, EU Project Team Leader, said that it was important to increase competition for every public contract. “One of the main issues in public procurement is competition, as it is a main driver of effectiveness and efficiency in the system. And the legislation changes and the new system is being established, business community faces a lot of challenges. It is important to keep open and discuss issues in the reform. EU standards are a very good guide on the pathway to reform that Ukraine has signed up for.”

It can be noted that the Odessa region is seen as an important support base for substantive reforms.