Project Advised AMCU on State Aid on Research and Development

Project Experts participated in the meeting of a Working Group, devoted to formation of legal document, which would guide the future regulator of State aid in Ukraine, the Antimonopoly Committee, in making decisions on the admissibility of state aid for research and innovation. The meeting was held on 10 August 2016.

Antimonopoly Committee brought together scientists, experts in the field of research and innovation, representatives of ministries and law firms, specialized institutions for productive work in developing criteria for assessing the admissibility of state aid for research, technological development and innovation.

Dr Eugene Stuart, the Project Team Leader, and Iana Roginska, the Project State aid Expert, presented the working group with the policy of the European Union concerning assistance in research and development and innovation; they stressed the need to adapt the Ukrainian legislation to the European standards. “The European Union has a positive attitude towards state aid for research and innovation. Application of the rules of monitoring and control is rarely an obstacle to support these industries. In case of a purely academic research, where there is no impact on competition, state aid may constitute as much as 100%. Whereas, if the studies are commercial in nature (creation of a product, its promotion or improvement), support is within the ambit of the law on state aid and needs assessment of its impact on competition. The main task for Ukraine in this area is to define terminology, limits on state aid and its impact on competition, – said Dr Eugene Stuart.

The Project Experts have also previously taken part in the meetings of Working Groups on State aid for SMEs, State aid for rescue and restructuring of firms in difficult situation, and State aid for  training and work employment.