EU Project and MEDT complete Nationwide Training related to the New Law on Public Procurement

On 4-5 April 2016, the Project jointly with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade held the tenth seminar on e-procurement issues that completed a seven-month regional training programme, intended to present the Government’s e-procurement reform and EU experience in this regard in anticipation of the new Law “On Public Procurement” which came into force last week.

The Programme was designed, generally, to improve the understanding by procurement officials and control authorities at regional and municipal level together with regional businesses, and local civil society activists of the status of implementation of e-procurement in Ukraine and the EU. The Programme commenced on 20 October 2015 in Vinnytsia and continued with two-day seminars in all regions of Ukraine, involving over 800 participants in total.

The EU Project Experts trained the participants on the principles of the use of and standard solutions for electronic means in public procurement in the EU, Public Procurement provisions of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the benefits of their implementation for the Ukrainian public sector and the business community. The Ministry provided detailed briefing and addressed questions related to the new e-procurement requirements of the new Law “On Public Procurement”.

The Programme completion of this nationwide programme coincided with the entry into force of new Law “On Public Procurement” which applies to central executive bodies and utilities from 1 April 2016 (all other public bodies must apply the new Law from 1 August 2016).

Dr Eugene Stuart, EU Project Team Leader, said: “The Project welcome the adoption of the new Law on Public Procurement. It can be recognised that it includes various amendments that constitute preliminary steps towards further EU alignment as foreseen in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/Road-Map that was adopted by the Ukrainian Government in February 2016. These include advances towards the first steps in regard to professionalisation and the creation of Centralised Procurement Bodies, the consolidation of Utilities procurement into the Public Procurement Law and other regulatory and practical simplifications. As the Law comes into force, it will be important that the implementation of the new rules and systems are carefully and objectively monitored by the Ministry of Economy as the regulator of the Ukrainian public procurement system.”

For the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/Road-Map please access this link.