EU Project Facilitates Public Procurement Monitoring by Civil Society


On 12 May 2016, a Roundtable for Civil Society activists on procurement monitoring was organised by the Project .

The roundtable was intended to facilitate an open and free discussion of different aspects of public procurement monitoring that may be done by civil society and public controllers.

Another important objective was to familiarise participants with existing approaches to procurement monitoring in Ukraine. The event was also a consolidated forum for joint discussion by all stakeholders in public procurement monitoring, representing both civil society and the main public sector organisations.

Dr Eugene Stuart, the Project Team Leader, welcomed the Roundtable participants and noted: “This Roundtable is the latest event in the series of activities concerning public procurement monitoring policy that started in 2014 with a Pilot Training on Public Procurement for NGOs and five 5 regional cluster seminars carried out for contracting entities, control authorities and non-government organizations and activists in March-September 2015. This is an opportunity to review and have further discussion about coordination between public and civil monitors, achieving unified approach.”

The Roundtable participants included representatives of NGOs, the MEDT, the AMCU, the State Financial Inspection, the Accounting Chamber, the State Treasury, the National Anti-corruption BureauMinistry of Economic Development and Trade, Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine, State financial Inspection, Accounting Chamber, State Treasury, and the National Anti-corruption Bureau.