Training of trainers on public procurement started



On 13 March 2017, the Centre of Procurement Excellence under the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) and in collaboration with the Project and other international donors, started an intensive two-weeks training of trainers on public procurement.

The training of trainers initiative by the Kyiv School of Economics in cooperation with the MEDT and international donors is geared towards enhancing third level education in the public procurement field. The course is aimed at professional tutors, consultants and activists seeking to improve their competence in public procurement to become professional trainers in the field. The Programme will continue through 13 – 26 March and will cover both procurement topics and methodologies for teaching public procurement trainers.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, Project Team Leader, welcomed the selected trainers and on behalf of the Project expressed gratitude to KSE, USAID/UK-Aid TAPAS and the MEDT for a constructive partnership in launching the programme. Dr. Stuart said: “We are trying together to make another small piece of history in Ukraine and I want to wish you all a successful and interesting few weeks as this initiative goes forward”.

The Project was deeply involved in the conceptualisation and design of the course and several of the Project’s leading public procurement experts will be assisting in the training.

Along with other formal and on-line training, the course is an important building block in the multi-facetted process of achieving public procurement system professionalization.


The on-line training course for contracting authorities, which was prepared by the Project and launched last May, has already enrolled over 14,000 participants out of an estimated 100,000 officials annually engaged in public procurement in Ukraine. A similar course for business suppliers launched in February 2017 has already enrolled 1,400 participants.