Ukrainian Procurement Reform Highlighted at New Deli Summit


On 27 and 28 February 2017 Crown Agents’ Project Director, Ms. Christine Jackson, attended the Global Procurement Summit 2017 in New Delhi. The focus of the summit was on Good Procurement for Good Governance, with procurement exports from around the world discussing new trends and global practices on procurement.

Ms. Jackson presented a case study on Procurement Reform in Ukraine as part of the plenary session title “Procurement Reforms – Drivers and Barriers”. She described many of the successes of the EU funded project; in particular the “Procurement Training for All” initiative. She also spoke of the importance of energising all of society to care about good procurement and not just public entities. Her presentation also touched briefly on the Prozorro initiative which has been a driver in further energising Ukrainian society as regards the importance of good public procurement.

Ms Lindsey Marchessault, Director at Data & Engagement Open Contracting Partnership spoke at the plenary session on the “Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in ensuring Good Governance”. Ukraine was also her main example of the success of ICT in transforming public procurement and how Prozorro was a leader in the field of e-procurement.