EU Project and European Integration Committee of the Verkhovna Rada discussed Public Procurement approximation



On 19 April 2017, the European Integration Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the Project organised a workshop regarding public procurement regulation in the EU and implementation of relevant EU norms in the Ukrainian legislation in the context of the on-going public procurement reform and Ukraine’s international obligations.

The workshop had the purpose of briefing the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada and supporting structures – EU Integration Committee, Economic Policy Committee and Members of Parliament – on the EU Public Procurement Directives to further facilitate approximation of Ukrainian public procurement legislation as envisaged by the Government’s Public Procurement Reform Strategy/Road-Map and the Association Agreement.

Ms. Maria Ionova, Deputy Head of the EU Integration Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, welcomed the participants of the workshop and thanked the EU Delegation to Ukraine and the Project for the support. Ms. Ionova said that in the context of relations between Ukraine and the EU, governed in particular by the Association Agreement, the matter of public procurement is of major importance and is covered by a separate chapter in the Association Agreement. She noted that over the past three years, largely due to the support of the European Union, there have been significant developments in the reform of public procurement in Ukraine. Maria Ionova said: “While we are approaching an absolute harmonisation of the national public procurement system with the EU standards, the question of procurement efficiency remains the key on the agenda”.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, Project Leader, said: With the considerable legal reform planned as part of the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/Road-Map, it becomes critical to focus on advance mobilisation of the Verkhovna Rada Secretariat and its supporting structures to service the needs of parliamentarians in regard to the adoption of new legislation in Ukraine in compliance with the EU standards”. Dr. Stuart also announced that the Project’s Work Programme for 2017 envisaged several workshops and other information activities for the Verkhovna Rada Secretariat (especially focussed on the Economic Policy Committee and the EU Integration Committee) topresent the EU policies and principles of relevance for public procurement reform in Ukraine in order to facilitate the approximation of the Ukrainian system to EU standards, including the main elements of the EU Public Procurement Directives to be legislated in 2017/2018.