Second Verkhovna Rada Workshop on Public Procurement Approximation in the Context of the Association Agreement


On 23 June 2017, members of the Economic Policy Committee and the EU Integration Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine attended a workshop regarding public procurement regulation in the EU and implementation of relevant EU norms in the Ukrainian legislation in the context of the on-going public procurement reform and Ukraine’s international obligations. The workshop was organised by the EU-funded Project “Harmonisation of Public Procurement System in Ukraine with EU Standards”.

This second workshop had the purpose of briefing the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada and supporting structures – EU Integration Committee, Economic Policy Committee and Members of Parliament – on the directions and content of short- and medium-term approximation of Ukrainian public procurement legislation as set out by the Government’s Public Procurement Reform Strategy/Road-Map and the Association Agreement.

Mr. Bohdan Matkivskiy, MP, Secretary of the Economic Policy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, welcomed the participants of the workshop and thanked the EU Delegation to Ukraine and the Project for the support of the reform of public procurement system.

Mr. Boris Filipov, Attache, Sector Manager, EU Delegation to Ukraine, noted positive developments in public procurement system within the last three years and the Project’s contribution to the progress. He also said that the procurement legislation should be further approximated in view of the international commitments and that the process had to be accelerated.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, EU Project Leader, said: “We are heading to the time when EU legislation will have a more important role in Ukraine. Public Procurement has already improved considerably due to stronger capacity of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, greater professionalisation in the Verkhovna Rada in the treatment of the legislation proposals and closer cooperation between the two. However, further changes are needed in the Public Procurement Law to fully comply with the EU standards, and the government’s commitment is the key to ensure the new Law is adopted before end of 2018, as envisaged by the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/ Road-Map.”

The first Workshop at the Verkhovna Rada, held on 19 April 2017, had a particular focus on law approximation techniques, the public procurement approximation requirements of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and the essential content and approach of the EU Public Procurement Directives.