Public procurement professionals and business examined the challenges of public procurement reform with the Ministry of economic development



On 21 March 2017, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT), as the public procurement system regulator, met representatives of business community and procurement professionals for an open discussion on different aspects of the Ministry’s policy-making and regulatory activity concerning public procurement. The Roundtable was organised by the EU-funded Project “Harmonisation of Public Procurement System in Ukraine with EU Standards”. 

The primary purpose of the roundtable was to structure an updated communication between different procurement interests in order to determine general and specific weak points in the procurement legislation and practice and work towards elaboration and implementation of the relevant corrective efforts, involving all of these stakeholder groups.

Oleksandr Starodubtsev, Head of Public Procurement Regulation Department, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, welcomed the roundtable participants, saying that: “An open communication will facilitate further reforms towards a fully transparent, effective, competitive and law-based procurement system in Ukraine”.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, the EU Project Team Leader,said: “This event today allows the main stakeholders in public procurement reform to jointly examine current issues and challenges, consider any necessary corrections and discuss the necessary next steps to further align the public procurement system in Ukraine with the EU standards”.

Boris Filipov, Attache and Sector Manager at the EU Delegation to Ukraine said: “This type of dialogue is useful to further clarify practical problems in the public procurement system and assist in preparing 26 distinct measures for further approximation with the EU standards. This planned by the Government via new procurement legislation for 2017-2018”.

The event was the first in the series of roundtables, designed by the project, to bring together a range of positions and interests with a view to resolving key issues in public procurement reform. It is aimed at promoting a better common understanding of the different roles and perspectives of distinct stakeholder groups in the public procurement system and achieving optimal convergence between stakeholder priorities and the achievement of EU standards in line with the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

The event will also constitute a consolidated forum for joint discussions between the system regulator, the business community and public procurement professionals.

Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, SOE Prozorro, business entities and public procurement professionals participated in the roundtable together with experts from the project, Kyiv School of Economics and the USAID/UK-Aid TAPAS project.