EU distributes 3000 books on State aid regulation for Ukrainian authorities



On 19 October 2016, the Project presented three textbooks on State aid regulation for Ukrainian authorities in bilingual format (Ukrainian and English).

Knowledge about the requirements concerning the new Ukrainian State aid system arising from the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is insufficient at this stage due to the novelty and complexity of the subject and limited training to date. There is a considerable need to deepen knowledge in this field. At least 1,000 public officials are likely to be involved when the system becomes fully operational next year. The books will be delivered to this target group and will later be available online.


At the press launch, Boris Filipov, Sector Manager at the EU Delegation to Ukraine, said: State aid regulation has operated in the EU for 60 years. It will commence fully in Ukraine from August 2017 in line with the Law of Ukraine on State Aid to Undertakings of July 2014. The Law is intended to fully apply the EU State aid rules in Ukraine in accordance with the specific commitments contained in the Association Agreement”.

State Commissioner of the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine, Anna Artemenko, welcomed these publications and noted that the Committee is responsible for applying this new body of law in Ukraine. She pointed out: “As State aid regulation is a new and complex field, detailed information at this stage is vital to ensure that the logic and operational requirements of the new system are well understood by the wide range of interested public authorities and others stakeholders in Ukraine”. MsArtemenkoadded that in order to ensure the smooth introduction of the Ukrainian State aid system from August 2017, a range of legislative and operational preparations are currently being finalised.



Project Team Leader, Dr Eugene Stuart said: “The new system of State aid regulation in Ukraine potentially has wide-ranging impacts on central, regional and local administrative bodies, and on existing and new legislation and policy initiatives on direct and indirect support for business undertakings (public and private). Therefore, it is important at this stage to ensure that actual or potential State aid providers, Parliamentarians and other stakeholders are aware of the scope and significance of this new regulatory system to be applied in Ukraine from August next year.


Referring to the Casebook and some important recent cases (requiring repayment of illegal state aid by European football clubs, Apple and multinational investors in Belgium), Project Expert Iana Roginska said that Ukraine also must keep fully up to date as regards the precedence set by the new EU State aid decisions and EU Court judgments.

1,000 copies of each of these books are being distributed free of charge by the Project to all central and regional authorities in Ukraine, together with the key parliamentary committees, local authorities, law firms and academia. The books will become an important tool for reference by public officials and a significant resource for future training.