Thirty Ukrainian officials completed EU training on state aid



On 20 April 2016, the Project completed its second major training programme on State aid for 30 officials from the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU), Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Finance, Verkhovna Rada and Cabinet of Ministers.

The first training programme certified 50 officials and took place between September-October 2014. The current round of training commenced on 5 April 2016. This training was operated by the Project in cooperation with the EU Support Group for Ukraine and the EU TAIEX Programme. It was a part of the continuing work to create Ukrainian specialists on state aid across the government system.

The training had a particular focus on the application of the Law on State Aid to Undertakings, which was adopted in July 2014 and comes fully into force in August 2017. The training included some of the most recent EU policy and case-law developments. Effective state aid regulation in Ukraine is a key commitment under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and is an entirely new field of law and policy in Ukraine. The training responds to the need to fully prepare the future state aid regulator (the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine) and State aid granters (many Government Ministries and agencies) for the full implementation of the Law in the coming years.

Anna Artemenko, State Commissioner at the AMCU, congratulated the Ukrainian officials on the completion of this training programme. She noted that this training was very important and helpful in the context of the Law on State Aid to Undertakings.

Dr Eugene Stuart, Project Team Leader,expressed his gratitude to the trainees and trainers for their efforts since the programme commenced. He pointed out that: “With just over one year to go before the Law becomes fully operational, there is still much work to do to prepare Ukrainian officials at central, regional and local levels for the application of the new disciplines which the State aid Law will entail. The system to be applied in Ukraine is the EU system, which has evolved over 70 years into something quite complex in legal and policy terms. Nonetheless, Ukraine stands to benefit in many ways from applying state aid control. State aid control stands for improved public finance management, less corruption in the business subsidies field and improved and better thought out economic development initiatives”.

“State aid” concerns the impact on competition and trade of subsidies, tax breaks and other forms of government concessions, which benefit some firms and, therefore, can impact negatively on other firms. Under the Energy Community Treaty and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, Ukraine is required to apply the EU State aid rules and to develop its own national State aid regulatory system.