Project’s support of the pilot CPB

In December 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, with the support of the Project, introduced the strategy and next steps for the first Central Procurement Body (CPB) to be operated by the newly established Agency “Professional Procurement” as a pilot activity to test the centralised procurement mechanism envisaged by the current Law on Public Procurement and the Public Procurement Reform Strategy/ Road-Map (2016 – 2022).

In addition, three short term experts were assigned to the Agency “Professional Procurement” to advise and assist on marketing issues (including the preparation of a single aggregated catalogue of goods and services to be procured by the pilot CPB, covering basic specifications, potential sellers, price information), client communications (including the development of a detailed database and buyers profile for potential customers (procuring entities) at both central and local level as well as utilities) and legal matters (including the development of tender documentation, framework agreements and model contracts within framework agreements and specific recommendations to improve the regulatory framework for the functioning of central procurement bodies in Ukraine). These experts completed their assignments in the reporting period: