Steering committee

Because of the importance of close co-operation among the various institutions involved in advancing the work of the Project, a Steering Committee has been established to monitor project implementation. The Project’s Terms of Reference provides that the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade will chair the meetings of the Steering Committee and that it will review progress every six months or more frequently if required.

The composition of the Project Steering Committee is the following.

Chairman, Ministry of Economic Development & Trade MR. MAXIM NEFYODOV

(First Deputy Minister)

Cabinet of Ministers MR. EUGENE ULIANIUK

(Head of Economic Development and Strategic Planning Unit (Economy and Finance Department of the Secretariat)

Ministry of Economic Development & Trade MRs. LILIYA LAKHTIONOVA 

(Head of Department of Public Procurement and State Orders.)

Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine(State Aid) MR. SERGIY LAKHNO

(Head of Department of Competition Policy)

Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine (Public Procurement) MR. ROMAN KOVAL

(Head of Department on Complaints Review in Public Procurement Sphere)

Ministry of Finance MS. YEFREMOVA OLENA

(Chief Specialist of Department for Industry and Property Relations)

EU Delegation to Ukraine MR. BORIS FILIPOV
Crown Agents’ Consortium, Project Director MRS. CHRISTINE JACKSON