EU Experts Provided Recommendations to Improve Control over Public Procurement in Ukraine

Control Coordination 1

Control Coordination 2

On 28 October 2015, the Project held a seminar on monitoring and control of public procurement in Ukraine. During the workshop, the Project experts discussed key issues of control in public procurement and presented recommendations to improve the coordination and control procedures in the sphere.

In Ukraine there is an excessive number of control and law enforcement authorities, with special control powers in public procurement repeating each other. For, their roles and competences are not clearly defined by the Law “On public procurement”. In addition, there is a lack of necessary resources and special training for supervisory bodies. These result in uncoordinated and ineffective activities of regulatory and supervisory bodies.

To solve these problems, in addition to appropriate legislative amendments, the EU experts in particular advised to consider the possibility of creating special units responsible for monitoring public procurement. Also, to deepen interagency cooperation between regulatory bodies and improve coordination between them, it was advised to conclude an agreement.