EU Project Trained on Public Procurement Five More Regions of Ukraine




On 17 April 2015, the Project closed its three-day seminar on public procurement in Lviv. This was the Project’s second seminar arranged for regional control authorities, procurement specialists, and civil society organisations on regional level.

During the seminar Project Experts (Mr. Olexandr Shatkovskiy and Mr. Steen Bruun-Nielsen), representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, as well as of NGO sector, introduced Ukrainian public procurement system and EU procurement legal framework, compared public procurement monitoring procedures in Ukraine with the EU experience, delivered presentations on framework agreements and e-procurement, commented on public procurement chapter of Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, DCFTA, and discussed the role of civil society in public procurement system.

Dr Eugene Stuart, the EU Project Leader, said: “Our primary objective is to assist Ukraine in applying European standards in public procurement. Since the recent EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, the key concern now is to build on the legislation and continue developing the public procurement system in terms of simplification, transparency, and efficiency for public procurement practitioners and as a whole.”

Ms Tetiana Lisovska, Head of Division of Public Procurement Department of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, who was one of the key speakers at the seminar, said: “Ministry of Economy considers the dialogue on public procurement system development to be vital. The Training helps in achieving this by enhancing understanding of key aspects of public procurement and EU standards implementation, as stipulated by the procurement provisions of the Agreement.

The seminar was the part of the Project’s major Training Programme. It was launched with a seminar in Vinnytsia on 11 – 13 March 2015, and by the end of the year it will cover all regions of Ukraine. The seminars will be also held in Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolayiv, and Sumy. The dates of the following trainings will be duly announced.