First Ukrainian online training on public procurement launched with EU’s support

In May 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine together with the Project launch the first in Ukraine electronic training on public procurement for all the system stakeholders. The course development was funded by the European Union.

The online training course was designed to improve training possibilities and develop professionalisation in the public procurement system in Ukraine according to the Public Procurement Reform Strategy, incorporating the Road Map on public procurement approximation with EU standards, under the Association Agreement.

The course will be free and open to all actual or potential procurement specialists, as well as to other system stakeholders, including media, civil society activists and general public. The course consists of a series of video lectures, interactive assignments and a discussion forum. Students will be able to learn the basics of public procurement or to gain a higher professional level in public procurement.

The course lecturers include leading Ukrainian and international procurement specialists, lawyers, experts from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Project, “Transparency International” in Ukraine and the Center for Combating Corruption.

Registration for the training has commenced.

The on-line public procurement training is part of more complex activities aimed at establishment of the system of training procurement specialists and a gradual transition to a professional system of public procurement.