On 16 October 2015, the Project convened a Round Table to discuss steps to be undertaken to move towards the professionalisation of the public procurement system in Ukraine.

The objective of the Round Table was to consider the best practices on public procurement professionalisation and supplementary training and to discuss workable models in Ukraine to advance competences in the public procurement sector via short-term training initiatives and the transition from the mandatory Tender Committee model to professionalisation of procurement operations.

Director of Public Procurement Department, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Mr Oleksandr Starodubtsev, said that training opportunities for officials in procuring entities in Ukraine needed to be extended and further developed in the short-term as a key part of public procurement reform. He added that there was no professional dimension to the public procurement system at present in Ukraine – “This also needs to be developed as a medium-long term process based on best practice approaches of other countries”.

Mr. Boris Filipov, Senior Attaché at the EU Delegation to Ukraine, pointed out that it was important to prioritise both training and professionalisaition in Ukraine’s public procurement reforms and that the anticipated adoption of the Public Procurement Reform Strategy, incorporating the Association Agreement’s Road-Map on public procurement approximation with EU standards, in the coming weeks is expected to set tangible targets for progressing these issues.

Dr Eugene Stuart, Project Team Leader, said that the Project was assisting the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade on these important issues. A system of electronic training for all public procurement officials is being developed for launch in the first part of 2016 and detailed discussions are continuing to find the best approach to advance professionalisation in the Ukrainian public procurement system.

The recommendations presented at the Round Table, together with the Association Agreement Road-Map on public procurement approximation, will provide guidance for the establishment of the system of training procurement specialists and a gradual transition to a professional system of public procurement.