Project Facilitates Professionalization of Ukrainian Procurement System


As part of its training activity, the Project facilitated participation of the Ministry of Economy officials at the 7th International Conference “Public procurement: Global revolution” that took place in Nottingham, United Kingdom, during 15 – 16 June 2015.

Considering an on-going reform of public procurement system in Ukraine and need for harmonisation of Ukrainian legislation with EU standards, learning from best international practices in public procurement is essential for professional training of procurement specialists.

At the conference, the group of Ministry officials attended sessions dedicated to recent changes in the EU Directives on public procurement, support of small and medium businesses, complaints procedures, professionalization and training in the field of public procurement.

Also, the delegates learned about practical application of e-procurement tools in the UK (reflecting on Welsh single regional e-platform), Portugal (private multiplatform approach), Estonia (state single-platform approach), Finland (semi-public double-platform approach (central and regional level), Brazil (state double-platform approach (single state platform and regional / municipal platforms), and Korea (state single-platform approach).

With around 300 delegates and speakers from over 35 countries, the conference in Nottingham involved an impressive array of policy-makers, lawyers and practitioners from the main international organisations involved in procurement regulation, as well as world-leading leading professors and researchers.