Project’ Progress Has Been Reviewed by the Steering Committee



The Project’s Steering Committee sit for the fourth time to review the position since the start of the Project in November 2013, developments in the period July to end-December 2015 and to look at the overall planning position of the Project for the remainder of its operating period in the light of progress to date, changes in the Project’s operational environment and the current priorities of the Government and the main beneficiaries. The meeting took place on 3 February 2016 .

Mr. Maxim Nefyodov, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine, chaired the meeting and gave an opening speech, expressing gratitude for the Project support and beneficial cooperation. Mr. Nefyodov underlined that European experience was vital for the reforming of public procurement and state aid systems in Ukraine.Ms. Juana Mera Cabello, First Counsellor,EU Delegation to Ukraine, and Mr. Noel Setters, Project Director, Crown Agents LTD (UK), made their opening remarks, positively assessing the work of the Project.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, Project Leader, presented the fourth report on the Project implementation and concludedthat: “At the end of a further intensive and productive phase, the Project continues to progress well and has operated at a continuing rapid pace in the reporting period; delivering over 40 distinct outputs and some 20 specific events.” Dr. Stuartgave emphasis to the Project’s developments as regards to the Public Procurement Reform Strategy, e-procurement and legislative support and support for the State aid system. He said that the 2016 Programme envisages completion of development of electronic public procurement training and the State aid “Energy Pilot”; follow-up activities in regard to earlier work (notably as regards professionalisation, the improvement of control body functions and the updating of the PFM Strategy); and commencement of new activities, including work on green procurement and specific research on the improvement of SME participation in public procurement in Ukraine, as well as State Aid secondary legislation development.

The meeting was also attended by Ms. Liliya Dudnik, Deputy Head of Public Procurement Regulation Department and Ms. Nataliya Shymko, Deputy Head of Public Procurement Regulation Department, Head of Public Procurement Policy Division, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Ms. Margaryta Udod, Deputy Head of Department on International Relations and European Integration, Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine, Mr. Andriy Savenko,Head of Department on Financial Regulatory Policy, Entrepreneurship and Procurement Procedures, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Mr. Boris Filipov, Attaché’, EU Delegation to Ukraine, Chris Kirby from the Support Group for Ukraine, and Mr. Valentin Dereviankin, Deputy Leader of the EU Project.