Strategic Directions for Public Procurement Reform addressed at Second International Conference

On 27 November 2015, the Project held a Second International Public Procurement Conference in Ukraine at the Fairmont Grand Hotel, Kyiv. The theme of the Conference was: “Strategic Reform Directions for Public Procurement in Ukraine – the EU dimension, recent developments, and key challenges”.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Mr. Maxim Nefyodov,said: 2015 has been an important year for the Ukrainian public procurement system. A new Public Procurement Strategy has been written, complex amendments to the Law have been adopted and specific e-procurement legislative proposals drafted. And just recently Ukraine has been approved to accede to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA). This success is the result of joint efforts of the State, business community and civil society organisations.”

Ambassador Jan Tombinski, the Head of EU Delegation to Ukraine, said that: “The establishment of a fair, credible, transparent and legitimate public procurement system in Ukraine requires a range of different initiatives and approaches, including a coherent institutional development, competence building, real transparency and a workable national logic throughout the system. Accordingly, one of the first milestones under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is the requirement for a Ukrainian Road Map setting out the detailed strategic plans for reform. This should focus fully on all aspects of the reform and set strategic directions that constitute Ukrainian solutions to Ukrainian problems– while continuing to focus on EU standards in public procurement”.

On behalf of the European Commission, Mr. Pierre Delsaux, Deputy Director- General of DG GROW, said: “This contributes to building confidence in the Ukrainian economy and addresses a key area of the Association Agreement commitments of Ukraine. Electronic Procurement will increase transparency, competition and efficiency in public contracting. However, there are still many challenges ahead in the implementation of the public procurement reform in Ukraine. The fight against corruption is one of them. Proper and timely implementation of the Roadmap will no doubt contribute to this objective. I am confident that Ukraine will take all the necessary measures in this respect”.

Dr. Eugene Stuart, the EU Project Team Leader, said that thetheme of the Second International Conference reflects the fact that considerable work has been done in the last year to carve out the actual strategic directions for public procurement reform in Ukraine. “This has never been done before and, with sustained political will and continuing commitment to apply EU standards, it offers a very clear vision as to how the problems identified at the First Conference will be progressively resolved in the coming 7 years”.

The Second International Conference brought together 140 delegatesto discuss the draft Public Procurement Strategy (Road-Map) and key areas of the reform agenda, including future legislation, progress on e-procurement, the intended adoption of the EU Common Procurement Vocabulary, training and professionalisation, and the establishment of Centralised Procurement Bodies. bring together international specialists and Ukrainian stakeholders to discuss the new Public Procurement Strategy/Road-Map and key areas of the reform agenda, including: recent new legislation, future legislation, progress on e-procurement, the intended adoption of the EU Common Procurement Vocabulary and challenges linked to improving integrity and efficiency in public procurement, training and professionalization and the establishment of Centralised Procurement Bodies.  The Conference was addressed by representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, State Enterprise “Derzhzovnishtorgvydav”, Prozorro, Transparency International Ukraine, Project Experts and SIGMA experts.