The Project Explains State Aid Terminology

The  Project  developed and published a Glossary of terms for State Aid regulation.

As the Ukrainian State aid regulatory system continues to develop, it is clear that it is a new system of law for the country. For that reason, and given the volume and complexity of EU law in this field, it is necessary for Ukrainian stakeholders to have an accessible resource covering most of the terminology that is specific to State aid regulation. The Glossary is the first such document to be compiled in Ukraine.

The Glossary covers specific terminology used in the EU State aid regulatory system and includes all key definitions in the Ukrainian Law on State aid to Undertakings of 2014. Notably, it also defines the concept of aid and some further terms, including key definitions of the WTO Subsidies and Countervailing Measures Agreement, 1994 (notably the definition of “subsidy”).

The Glossary is intended to guide the state aid practitioners – Government generally, the AMCU as regulator, State aid providers, the business community, lawyers and the courts – through the terminology of main legal instruments, soft law measures and case law.

The Glossary is available for download.