Ukrainian Officials Learning from the EU Experience of Centralised Procurement

Vienna study visit_1

Vienna study visit_3

Ukrainian officials from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine visited Austria with the purpose of studying an establishment and functioning of the country’s centralisedpurchasingand e-procurement systems . The visit was organised by the EU Project “Harmonisation of Public Procurement System in Ukraine with EU standards” as part of its institutional development and training activities and took place on 25 – 29 January.

During the trip, the group of officials visited the Federal Procurement Agency (Bundesbeschaffung GmbH), which provides central procurement services to federal agencies, Ministry of Health to learn about centralised procurement practice and the usage of e-procurement in health sector, Court of Auditors which controls the conduct of public procurement procedures, and the Federal Administrative Court, the main review body in Austria. The Ukrainians also met,an Austrian state e-procurement platform.

Austria pioneered a formation of centralised purchasing, having established the procedure as early as in 2001. While its e-procurement system had been introduced in the middle of 2000s. Hence, being the most efficient among the EU countries, the Austrian experience and practices in these domains were considered valuable and relevant for Ukraine in view of the recent developments in the Ukrainian public procurement system.