Vinnytsia Regional Council Favoured Cooperation with the EU Project

Mr. Serhii Svytko, Head of Vinnytsia Regional Council, welcomed Dr. Eugene Stuart, Leader of the EU Project, who visited Vinnytsia on the occasion of the Project’s launch of a major five-month Regional Training Programme on public procurement on 11 March, 2015.

As announced earlier, the Project rolled out Regional Training Programme aimed to improve general understanding, transparency, and effectiveness of efforts related to procurement activities performed on regional level by control authorities, procurement specialists, and civil society organisations. The Programme started with a three-day training in Vinnytsia on 11-13 March, 2015. The Programme will cover all the regions of Ukraine.

During the meeting Mr. Serhii Svytko recognised the EU Project’s efforts in the region and expressed support of its activity. Mr. Svytko said: “This Project is an important step to strengthen relations between Ukraine and the European Union. Our country’s journey to Europe is thorny and its price is high. Yet we feel the support of Ukrainian’s choice by the European Union. I am convinced that our dream will come true and we will build a legal European country, because Ukrainian people are a European nation”.

Dr. Eugene Stewart congratulated Mr. Svytko on successes in agricultural and industrial development of Vinnytsia region and noted that reforms in the Ukrainian public procurement system according to the European standards will contribute to further growth of Vinnytsia, as well as of other regions. Dr. Stuart said: “I am confident that the improvement of standards in public procurement will enhance the potential of Vinnytsia region and of Ukraine as a whole. For, it will increase competition, reinforce people’ trust in spending of public money, and as a result, ensure better quality of products and services for public money. This process will take some time but I believe it is the journey worth making”.