Strategy for Harmonisation of Ukrainian Public Procurement System with EU Standards Adopted

On 24 February 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Public Procurement Reform Strategy (Road Map) as required to implement the Association Agreement between Ukraine and EU and accomplish Ukraine’s obligations in the field of public procurement.

The Public Procurement Reform Strategy was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in cooperation with the Project.

The Road Map and the action plan for its implementation include the list of activities, responsible stakeholders and timing required to adapt national procurement legislation to the EU directives in the field.

The Strategy envisages five main areas of public procurement reform in Ukraine: harmonisation of national legislation with EU standards; development of the institutional framework and improvement of the functions of regulatory bodies; international cooperation in the field of public procurement; development of e-procurement; training and professionalisation in public procurement.

The adoption of the Strategy will ensure accomplishment of Ukraine’s international obligations to adapt Ukrainian system of public procurement to the European standards in order to open an access to public procurement markets in EU to Ukrainian suppliers.