Discussion on a Need of Establishment of Dual System of Procurement Regulation

On 29 April 2015, the Project will lead a workshop on policy options and considerations regarding a dual system of public procurement regulation as part of the EU law approximation process in the field of public procurement.

Establishment of a dual system of public procurement regulation may become a solution for EU law application for smaller procurement contracts, as the thresholds for the application of the Ukrainian Law on Public Procurement (PPL) are relatively low in EU terms. This is important in the overall process of the alignment of Ukrainian public procurement rules with the directives.

The purpose of the workshop is to present the findings and ideas regarding the effect of EU law on contracts not covered by the directives (i.e. contracts below the thresholds of the EU directives) and to facilitate discussion on this matter. For this, the Project has developed a discussion paper to be used by the MEDT and other stakeholders.

Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Cabinet of Ministers, Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice and NGOs are invited to attend the workshop.