On 17 September 2015, EU Project Experts presented recommendations for the establishment of centralised procurement bodies in Ukraine.

The workshop was intended to present and discuss the Project recommendations for the establishment of centralised procurement bodies in Ukraine based on the relevant analytical comparison of existing CPB solutions in EU Member States and the elaboration of recommendations as to which elements of existing (legal, institutional, organisational, usage of e-procurement tools, staff managements etc) solutions in these cases are relevant to Ukraine. The separate attention was given to the possible functional structure and draft legislation regulating the functioning of a CPB in Ukraine (competence, rights and obligations).

Dr Eugene Stuart, Team Leader of the EU Project, said: “There are about 15 000 procuring entities and 12 000 tendering committees in Ukraine. Benefits from establishment of central procurement bodies will be clearly seen, as this will lead to greater efficiency and saving in public sector”.

Dana Mitea, Senior Public Procurement Expert, confirmed that central procurement bodies were becoming increasingly popular in many countries. Ms Mitea said that the main drivers for this was the demand for reducing public spend and corruption, as well as the need for procurement proffessionalisation.

The workshop was organised by the Project in the context of its activities focused on institutional development and training. Among the participants were representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Anti-Monopoly Committee, State Financial Inspection, Accounting Chamber, Secretariat of Council of Ministers, Secretariat of Parliamentary Economic Policy Committee, State Treasury, few largest procuring entities (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Healthcare, and Ministry of Infrastructure) and NGO specialising in public procurement area.