EU Project Talked to Business about Reforming of Public Procurement

The Project’s second workshop in a series of events aimed at increasing the interest of the business community in public procurement was held today, 10 June 2015 .

More specifically, the purpose of this second event was to present core elements of the Ukrainian road-map within the Association Agreement in the context of future developments of the public procurement system, as well as to familiarize representatives of the business community with modern EU procurement techniques to be used in Ukraine.

Mrs Liliia Dudnik, Deputy Director, Public Procurement Department of the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Ukraine, opened the workshop highlighting the need to develop cooperation and eliminate barriers between government and business.

Dr Eugene Stuart, Project Leader, said: “Our essential idea is to use this seminar to bring business community closer to reforming of public procurement system to facilitate public-private partnership”. Herein, Dr Stuart underlined that reform takes time and careful deliberation. Too much change may be damaging, while reform pursued too fast can prove ineffective. Association Agreement stipulates 8 year process of progressive approximation of Ukrainian public procurement system to EU standards. This process requires a full reform, covering legislation, institutional development and credible implementation, as laid down in a Reform Strategy (Road Map) currently underway.

The first workshop for business community was held by the Project in December of 2014.